Advancing whole human antibodies for human diseases

Infinimmune is the first company to develop drugs from complete human antibodies. Our therapeutic pipeline is built on antibodies that are Complete, encompassing the full binding and effector regions of both chains.

These are produced by Human immune systems, distinct from those derived from model organisms, display libraries, or algorithms.

Antibody science unbound

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Complete Therapeutics

Antibodies aren’t just binding molecules – they connect binding to diverse functions. We discover complete antibodies with function and epitope specificity selected in vivo.

Novel therapeutics

Infinimmune uses its vast and growing catalog of human antibodies to reveal unparalleled diversity and fundamentally novel classes of therapeutics. These include human nanobodies, fusion proteins, and novel constant regions.

Next-generation antibody therapeutics

Searching the human antibody repertoire is made feasible by Infinimmune’s Complete Human™ immunosequencing technology. This enables the capture, characterization, and development of antibodies that can only evolve in a human.

Exponentially faster and safer

100 billion trials per day

The human body conducts the equivalent of 100 billion antibody clinical trials every day, testing each antibody for safety and efficacy in parallel. By starting from antibodies found inside humans, we start from a molecule that in a sense already passed a ‘single-person clinical trial'. This allows us to quickly and safely translate our discoveries to the clinic.

A mission- and platform-driven pipeline

We weave the threads of biology, chemistry, automation, computation, and engineering into a whole science to find drugs that nobody else on the planet can find. By leveraging our Anthrobody™ platform, we aim to treat human autoimmune disease and cancer with truly human therapeutics.

Funded by investors who are as passionate as we are