The science of complete human antibodies

Singular technology to identify, characterize, and advance therapeutic antibodies.

The advantages of complete human antibodies


Confidence in safety

Today’s discovery technologies produce antibody drugs from ‘fully human’ or ‘humanized’ transgenic animals or microbial systems. These approaches lack the context of the human proteome, specific selection against human immunogenicity, and the diversity of human antibody genetics that provide effective drugs.


Confidence in efficacy

Many antibody-based drugs fail at the efficacy stage. Human immune systems produce effective drugs against native, in vivo targets which can’t be replicated outside the human body.

The Clinical Potential of Complete Human Antibodies

  • Discovery of novel, biologically important and undrugged targets
  • Reduced likelihood of anti-drug immune responses
  • Better matching of patient populations to immunotherapies

infinimmune’s Discovery Engine

Sequencing & developing a catalog of human-derived antibodies

Human-derived antibodies are less likely to trigger immune reactions when given to patients because the immune system recognizes them as ‘self’. This reduces the risk of adverse reactions and improves safety and efficacy, by minimizing damage to healthy cells and tissues.