Bio’s Next Tool Builders

Infinimmune’s founding team are tool builders who design from first principles and have broad expertise across immunology, single cell technologies, protein engineering, computational biology, and genome assembly.Transforming human antibodies into drugs.

Infinimmune Raises $12 Million in Seed Funding

“Infinimmune combines a world-class team of technologists with a state-of-the-art platform for the discovery, characterization, and validation of truly human antibodies,” said Eddie Eltoukhy, Partner at Pear VC.

$12-Million Seed Funding to Design Drugs Using Human-Sourced Antibodies

Early-stage biotechnology company Infinimmune, which is developing novel techniques for antibody drug discovery and development, announced that it has closed a $12-million seed round led by Playground Global, with participation from Pear VC, Civilization Ventures, and Axial VC and support from Ron Alfa, Jacob Becraft, Paul Conley, and Joshua Meier.

Infinimmune’s secret for building better antibody drugs: You

San Francisco Business Times: An East Bay startup is looking to create antibody drugs at the source: humans. Infinimmune, with six people and a fresh $12 million seed round, is made up of veterans of 10x Genomics Inc., the Pleasanton-based company that pioneered single-cell sequencing technology. But the startup’s founders want to turn those types of tools into an engine for finding and developing drugs made from human antibodies.

Spotlight on Infinimmune

Infinimmune is a biotechnology company pioneering a novel approach to antibody drug discovery and development. Founded by a world-class, multidisciplinary team of scientists and technologists, Infinimmune is reinventing antibody discovery with an end-to-end platform to deliver antibody drugs derived directly from the human immune system.