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January 9, 2024 9:00 am

RESI JPM 2024 Big Pharma Panel

Join us as Wyatt McDonnell moderates this panel.

Big pharma companies are actively looking outwards for innovative new therapeutics to add to their pipelines. This panel brings together speakers from various big pharma companies discussing topics such as: 

  • How big pharma sources assets 
  • The evaluation process 
  • Key factors and areas of interest 
  • How early-stage big pharma is willing to look 

These panelists will shed light on the process that big pharma goes through when sourcing early-stage assets and advise startups on how they can best make a case for themselves. Panelists will also explore various trends within the therapeutics marketplace, what assets are of interest to their company, and what they think will be big in the future.